What To Look For In A Piano!
1. Tone Quality: Listen to the piano
you       are considering. Avoid a harsh
Rather, seek a piano that is capable of
projecting volume and yet still able to
be played lightly to accommodate all
styles of music and the ability of the
Also, remember the size of the piano
determines the tone quality as well.
The larger the piano, the better the
tone quality.
Tuning Stability and Scale Design :
Your piano technician is an expert on
this subject and will be happy to assist
you. Questions such as, Will the piano
stay in tune? How long will it hold its   
The pianos back-post construction,
frame and sound board are crucial
to the life of the piano.
3. Touch: You must consider a piano with an equal touch both up and down
the keyboard. Mostly, touch is a personal choice, however consistency in
touch is crucial.   
Life of the Piano: A piano may be an investment that lasts for your lifetime.
Look for a quality, name brand piano and purchase from a reputable dealer.
Service and maintenance of your piano are crucial to it's performance and
the life of the piano. Ask what type of warranty the manufacturer provides.
When making your selection, look for quality in workmanship and for
quality materials.
 Beauty: The piano must please you and as with all things, beauty is in the
eye of the beholder. Pianos are manufactured in many styles and finishes
to compliment a variety of decorating styles. Selecting a classic design is             
a always a good choice.
Value: Don't let appearance fool you! Examine the piano from the inside
out.  The inside of the piano needs to be as impressive as the outside.
Always buy the best possible instrument that you can Afford the piano
should be enjoyable to play and pleasing to the ear.
Reputation : Select a quality, brand named piano. Examine the
manufacturers warranty and purchase from a dealer that will stand behind
the instrument.
Now get out there and play!
It's never too late!
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